Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning
Have you ever had your carpet cleaned and re-soiled within a few short weeks? It may have looked good when it was finished, and then it seemed to get dirty quicker then it did before it was cleaned. Dry Chemical companies use chemicals that do not rinse the carpet at all. (If they did it wouldn't be Dry cleaning.) Your carpet dries feeling stiff because there is soap left in every fiber of your carpet. The soap attracts dirt, due to the sticky residue.
Here's one reason why Ameraclean Carpet and Upholstery cleaners use Hot water extraction.  Shaw Industries/worlds largest carpet manufacturer recommends steamed extraction method. It is the only method that will throughly rinse out detergents & water soluble soils. Another major benefit is this method also rinses out Allergy causing dust mites, cigarette smoke, pet dander and more. So our method will definitely help our clients who suffer from Allergies.

Flood, and Water damage restoration
Fast response to flooding and water damage is crucial to avoid mold growth.  Ameraclean Technicians are experienced Water extraction specialist who are fully trained and well equipped to get the job done. We look forward to restoring your house back to pre-loss condition within three days of the Emergency call. 24 hour response.
Mold becomes a problem inside when there's excessive humidity or moisture. The problem can originate from sudden water releases. Even high humidity or warm moist air condensing on cool surfaces can trigger mold problems.
Mold and Fungus organisms will grow on all materials affected by water. This includes carpet, Dry wall, window frames etc. The moisture will rise to upper floors causing other areas of the home to be affected. To reduce damage to structure you should immediately call a trained professional.
Common symptoms of exposure to mold are similar to having a cold or allergy reaction. Symptoms may include nasal and sinus congestion, dry cough, sore throat,  shortness of breath and eye irritation.

Move out - Move in cleaning
Ameraclean has designed a special dedicated to clients who are moving in or moving out of a residence. We know that you have enough responsibilities to deal with when moving.
Ameracleans' move out/in special will clean your home, and carpet for one low price. This relieves you of any stress of cleaning, and you can move right in or out without any problems.
Ameraclean uses all trusted products, and are guaranteed to clean %99.8 percent of all germs. We use the best in Sanitizers. You will definitely smell the difference.

Upholstery Cleaning
Ameraclean professional technicians are specially trained in the care of all fabric types. You can feel comfortable trusting us with the most delicate fabrics. We uses specially designed tools to gently clean your upholstery and most importantly not to over saturate your fabric.
Upholstery is very important to the appearance of your room. Thats why Ameraclean will use the same two step cleaning process that use pH-balancing fiber rinse that removes cleaning solution residue, and deep down dirt. This process is guaranteed to leave behind clean and fresh smelling Upholstery.

Janitorial Services

Ameraclean delivers expert cleaning that you can count on day after day and month after month.  Our scheduled commercial cleanings always include extra touches. Ameraclean keeps your building sparkling with a full range of scheduled cleaning services. Additionally, we notice and eliminate special problems. Our extra touches, such as cobweb and fingerprint removal and high dusting above 6 feet, add extra polish and sophistication to your tenant's offices.

Ameraclean offices offer 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week customer service. In the event a client has a special need, Ameraclean  is always on call and can be dispatched to the facility on short notice to guarantee a fresh, clean start for the next business day.  We even offer daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual cleaning schedules to accommodate any cleaning levels that our clients need.

The pride of ownership, attention to detail, and concern with your complete satisfaction has made Ameraclean success throughout the Metropolitan area for 11 years.  When you contract with Ameraclean, We will meet with you for a detailed, customized study of your building from top to bottom to determine our areas of responsibility and put them in writing. Our expert management team will then create a custom tailored cleaning program made specifically for your building's needs.

Industries Served

•Amphitheaters and Concert Halls        •Banks                            

•Big Box/Small Box Services                •Car Dealerships

•Colleges and Universities                   •Industrial Complexes

•Country Clubs                                 •Distribution Centers

•Hospitals                                        •Hotels                                           

•Insourcing                                      •K-12 Private

•K-12 Public                                     •Long-Term Care Facilities

•Movie Theaters                                •Privately Owned Buildings

•Property Management Buildings           •Casinos

•Race Tracks and Speedways              •Resorts

•Restaurant                                      •Shopping Centers

•Single and Multi-Tenant Buildin


Cleaning Services

•General Cleaning Services                   •Buffing

•Carpet Care                                       •Complete Floor Care

•Complete Rug Care                             •Day Custodial

•Deep Cleaning                                    •Details Cleaning - Windows, Trim, Walls and Ceilings

•Dusting                                             •Exterior Pressure Washing

•Kitchen Cleaning                                 •Grout Cleaning

•Hard Floor Care                                  •Laundry & Laundry Management

•Office Cleaning                                   •Post Construction Clean-up

•Propane Safety                                   •Scrub & Recoat

•Hoods and Salamanders                        •Stripping & Refinishing Floors

•Trash Collection & Disposal                    •Upholstery Cleaning

•Vacuuming                                         •Wall Cleaning

•Window Washing

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